Saturday, October 1, 2011

A song for the plain ones

There has to be a song
for the plain ones
The unaccomplished

A song for those who leave 
not even rhetoric Oh he was so much 
he did so much he was from so much
he made so much he was worth so much
he didn't deserve to go this way
not him not him
not him

There has to be a song for those
who go unnoticed like a fall leaf
among fall leaves lying
on fall leaves
He leaves she leaves they
leave we leave

But some are plucked 
picked folded
within pages of history
books Some deaths
are special They simply are
After all no one has tears
enough for all deaths not even
drama queens Too much information
bombards us too many posts
too many links updates feeds
of deaths of beatings of killings
One too many
it is hard too hard just
too hard to know which ones exactly
to cry for to fight for
to mourn to burn
one's hollow insides for

One has to choose
be sparing be eloquent
about deaths
some deaths
only some deaths Not all
Not even all
one hears of
You got to choose compare 
worth prices deals
It might be cheaper online
Do what you can
but choose See who cries
See who else cries
with who cries Thus
choose the death 
you will cry for


shailja said...

This is piercing and beautiful. Thank you for capturing what we all struggle with.

Rashmi said...

Nice one Ani.

Inez Baranay said...

Wonderful. Heart felt, clear. Sad and tough. I'd have to write a poem to respond adequately. No one has enough tears for all deaths.

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