Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear One,

This is the round tana
our conversations shape now;
what we go around, not through.
This can now be measured
as that which we do not speak.
This is the sum total
of all that you never ask me.
Plus all that I want to tell you,
that come out in strange tongues.
This is why I travel miles some days
to see you. Who cares about the long-
borrowed book?
This is what could fill
all my silences around you.
This is what we make poignant
by the suffering to tell and ask.
This is what stays back
in the filter.
This is what never disturbs
our tea.
This is what you must hear.
This is what I must speak.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Passing clouds filtered the moonlight
and laid out on the sea
a stage
befitting only something extraordinary.
The friend on the sand did not stop
his out-of-tune singing of a stuck line.
The watery arena glistened
with my anticipation of something.
Something that would complete this day for me.
The friend could still not find the next line
in his jumble of songlines and hmmms
and la la la's.
As tufts of cloudlets drifted away
and the moon peeped out at us all,
the perfect man walked into the light
and let the glistening waters
touch him just eversomuch,
ran his perfect silhouette fingers over
his perfect silhoutte head of hair,
and exited.
Clouds closed in
and the friend on the sand
found just the next line to his song.
And we grinned.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The pencil lead broken on the table,
the mild stutters, the slight swoon in the chest,
all this darkness when the phone rings
and throws in little flourescence his name,
with a custom tune set in days of happy togetherness.
Symptoms of guilt.

Of not having loved enough,
but having lived once like you did
and zoning out like a power cut,
Just bang. Gone.
The aftertaste of trying to sing
"I don't know why I didn't come."
It matters not you truly didn't know
why you didn't come.
You didn't come.

You can stand someone up.
You have been stood up.
They refuse to strike each other out
in a game of elementary this for that.
Sweet innocence cannot even be feigned.
This is how love is performed
by some of us who do not know
how it is to be done.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Needed this

I needed to think of you again
In the peace of a rainless night
Under a cloudless sky.
I needed to hold you and me
In the palm of my heart
for my tearless eyes to see.
I needed to feel the truth
In the shivers of my skin
weeks after you touched it.
And I needed to hear this
whispered by the universe
In the time between a wave
and another: we are in love.