Thursday, June 28, 2007

"When the Lord closes a door, he opens a window somewhere" - Maria Von Trapp

I divide my sleep hours between the afternoon and the night. When I woke up this afternoon after a short ciesta, I felt like going out for a nice, hot cup of coffee with someone. Then it hit me that all those friends whom I would normally think of calling for coffee, now worked - and hence lived - elsewhere. That feeling was almost a physical pain in the general region where heart is located.

But then I got up, dragged myself to the kitchen, put some milk to boil and put the coffee-maker on. The slightest of hustle wakes up my mother. So she woke up smiling at the magical aroma of coffee brewing! I asked her to watch over the milk and stepped out and got some samosas from an eat-out near by! Fresh hot coffee, fresh hot samosas, a sudden outburst of rain, favourite travel show on Discovery Travel and Living Channel, mom updating me on my baby niece's latest stunt acts - what more does one want late on a summer afternoon!

And when I sat with Doctor Zhivago again, I remembered my dad had given me yesterday a gift voucher from Odyssey - a bookshop-cum-music shop-cum-gift shop-cum-stationery shop - that he got from the library, for renewing his membership. I walked, in the lovely drizzle, to Odyssey, picked up a double album of Begum Akhtar's and bought two bright red heartin-shaped lollypops. I walked back home happily devouring the lollypops. People were staring, but the lollypops were way too delicious for me to pay much attention to some random people on the road!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here in Blogspot, finally!

Here I create a blog in Blogspot, finally! So many of you have been imploring me to have one here. I now do not remember why, actually. Never mind. I will continue to have my Yahoo360 blog, since it has developed a steadily growing readership, and those who are not on Yahoo360 and hence cannot leave comments for me, are mailing them to me. I do not yet know how blogspot works. Do you have to be on blogspot to be able to comment on a blog here?

To start with, this is not going to be very different from my other blog. In fact, I am going to post some of my poems - that can be found there as well - here. And as I go, I might figure out if I want to use this blog differently. Thanks so much!