Tuesday, October 21, 2008


At some moment they give up on me.
Something I say. Something I do.
Then Something snaps,
Like fall twigs under shoe heels.
As simple as that.
Nothing ever is the same again.
One twig has snapped.
Nothing is ever the same again.
I am never the same again.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Bruises and cuts.
Everytime I try to climb
That slippery
to your
I am sent down
palms and knees scraping
on the massive
holdless rocks
on the way.
The time between that
and a fresh new attempt
is the time it takes
to heal. I truly wish I had
unhealing wounds to deter me
from these replenishings

Good Intentions

My memories of you
refuse to fade or slim.
They have chosen to go
by a hair-conditioner promise,
only, misplaced:
long-lasting, more volume, more shine.


With an expressionless shoulder bag
And a protective arm around it,
Walking on strange city streets,
I perhaps look like a salesman.
But I promise you I am harmless,
With only my loneliness to trade
And a reluctance to sell it to you.