Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Year

In the blue-grey of my recent days,
certain things stand out.
Like, for instance, this clear thought - This
was not how the year
was supposed to go,
"supposed to" being a quicksand phrase notwithstanding --
clarity is what is left
after you ignore the illogical traps.
Coming back to my year --
New Years are better for stock-taking;
there is enormous company.
Birthday eves are not a great idea.
You have to smile a lot the next day.


This was not how the year was supposed to go
And I am missing yahoo emoticons here.
Too much has happened
And too much hasn't.
And since I write down my plans
they now look like
compiled jokes of the year.
Some great things have happened.
So, that "supposed to" is not so grievance-laden.
It was just so you know
I plan my year - in some general way but
with some specifics thrown in.
Like if I should study or work
and where;
and how many linen trousers - expensive -
I can buy.
This year, I bought just as many linen trousers
as I planned,
But ended up working when
I had planned to study.
So you see how this thing can go.

I like to feel in control
of something at least.
So I did channel surfing on the TV
so I could gag a newsreader mid-sentence
or choose an ad over the CBI murder probe.
But the TV went grainy on me
with just that gravelly hiss of absence;
"power-cut here," the cable guy said over phone.

Our lives are so interconnected.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me! (tomorrow)


Nishil said...

Dei.. yennakku puriyale da.. but it was nice. Dont try and write so as to make mandans like me understand. You will end up writing jack and jill type blog posts. Nice but.

Anonymous said...

This is very different from your other poems - It is more of a thought process, less constructed. It poses many questions I have for you - but I will need to read it again - not as a bedtime story :)

The first question that comes to mind is - how many linen pants do you allow yourself and second don"t you hate ironing those :)

but more importantly

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - today the world stops and acknowledges the day you entered the universe and we are lucky you did. Cause you share so many beautiful poems with us.


Anonymous said...
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vineeta said...

Supposed to is the bad word all of us love to swear by :)
I wish for you a year where this slippery eel slips some more & makes for a phenomenal unsupposed ride :)

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday wishes. Sometimes, 'actually'is far more interesting and larger-in-scope than a 'supposed to'. Imagine how limiting it would be if all of our experiences could be contained within our imaginations. Would man ever fathom love or divine?
So heres to mamay more of life's uncertainties and excitement in te coming year.

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