Friday, September 16, 2011

Pills or Reasons

You ought to have reasons for your feelings.
Or pills. 
You cannot have a cold despair come
and sit in your heart just like that.
Not in the middle of a sunny day.
Not without a reason. Have a pill
If you will. 
See a shrink.

I was sad the other day. Just sad. 
For once, sad was the apt word.
It closed with the airtight click of a tupperware lid.
Language sufficed, and that almost cheered me up.
But a friend said, "Don't despair." 
He could see clearer than me
the weekly forecast to the weather in my heart.

A poet suggested I keep myself at arms length.
It became hard to navigate crowded streets
and subway stations. My arm is long
and it slams across the faces of multitudes.

I now sit with the sadness,
the despair and the arm reddened with the slam
of faces passing by. Myself sits close by,
for fall has arrived
and a sudden chill makes you want to huddle
with whoever's closest. 


Deepan Kannan said...

Lovely Ani!!!

Vasu said...

Hugsies! Don't be sad, sending you bright, big, smiling sunflowers from here. Catch it!