Friday, July 8, 2011

Voices in the Kitchen

When I woke up from a nap today, stretched away the sleep from my body, and thought, "Hmm. What can I cook today?" it echoed along the corridors of my veins in the voices of my amma, my great grandmother who put so much of herself everyday in what she did for us that it actually shrunk her, and my aunts who say, for any of your sadnesses, "Come, just eat this, you will feel better."  

Oh goddesses of my family, when I cook without exact measurements, I hear you whisper from behind me, "A little more, kanna," or "That's enough," or "Ayyo!"

I feel you within me. You do me an honour by inhabiting me. You smile when I tell you I cook because I like to cook. I know what you are thinking: you liked it, too, but you also cooked because you had to.


home painting said...

Nice post! I agree with you. In our house, my father is the one who is cooking for us. Sometimes, my mother is doing that task also. I also love to cook and they're always there to teach me. Keep posting!

Rashmi said...

Nicely said. I cook twice a week, sometimes thrice. Sometimes when thinking of eating out makes me so repulsive but have nothing at home, I think of my Amma who made sure we got different stuff every day 3 times a day. Hugs mommy!
Great post.

Marie Greenhalgh said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing this to us. More power and please keep posting. Have a great day! Marie Greenhalgh