Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Glorious Day

I have my days of glory.
Eyes tinted with last night's desires -
variously met and unmet -
men walk past me
to their days of toil.
I become taut at the attention
from the morning eyes
all weak with a conviction
to keep desire in check -
toes may tingle, but inside the shoes;
the fount may tease to spring forth, but
not beyond the belt;
the heart might well up, but
can choke at the tie knot.
Desire still rushes to the pupil
and peeps out.
Even ones like me are seen
and wanted
in the rush hour flurry of bodies
by eyes craving the night.

1 comment:

Murali said...

You have an uncanny ability to word your thoughts in such abstract and subtle manner!! Great job!

Kya kare mere yaar Ani..
yeh sala, dil heh ki manta nahi..
par yeh dil karega bhi kya bechara..
itna hi chahey ki milae kisi ka sahara..