Thursday, November 13, 2008

And I fall in love

And I fall in love.
The mad rush in the stomach
like while coming down in
fast and screechy swings -
that's like morning coffee to me.

Madness is all I can offer
to you, my new love...
Looks like I will stay in you
and you will let me be mad.
I know there is largess
in your madness.

I can float on you forever.
Even drown.
I would like to be in your depths,
sloshing in your soft,
honey viscous love.

Neither of us can gag or kill.
We know only to grow
in each other; on each other -
I will be the velvety moss
on your bed.

I ask you to stay
and let me stay.
Catch me in a whirlpool,
if hurt you must.
And carry me with யு,
if move you must.
I am weightless already,
for I dropped my bags,
tore my clothes,
left my books behind.