Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming out

Coming out of this, coming out of that,
Coming out as this, coming out as that,
Coming out as not this and not that,
Coming out even as not quite this or that,
Coming out over and over.
Not quite knowing what you were in
That you came out of
Or came into.
Out isn't quite outright out
Since you seem to always have more
To come out of,
as and into.
We needn't go about this for long,
If we start pulling down the walls.


-Sundar said...

So so true.. am going through the tiresome ritual of coming out to my colleagues now... grrr

Pete said...

This caught my eye (and ear) when I read it in your Movenpick post.
Caught it enough to lead me to your blog.
I admire how you captured the complexity of the process (one that I'm afraid I can only imagine) with such economy of language and simplicity of rhythm.
My one criticism is that the closing lines were somewhat of a let down.
Was that intended?
Pete (aka Local Guy Bangalore)

how to name it said...

Hey Pete! Thanks for the comment. Do expand on how the closing lines let you down! They do come from some sort of forced belief in me that we can indeed bring the walls down; the walls separating people. That naivete could be a let down? Was that it? Say more!

Pete said...

Not the naivety. Not at all.
The world would be a far better place if more of us could share that sentiment.

It's really just one thing.
The tempo suddenly changes without warning. That leads me to expect what follows will be something special. A 'gem' if you will. For me the craftsmanship (not the sentiment) fell short of that expectation.

In my earlier comment I just wondered if that was deliberate. I'm really not a literary connoisseur (being a designer by training) and, more often that I would like, 'subtlety' escapes me.


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