Monday, May 19, 2008


Talking to you
is to me
like eating spaghetti.
I roll and roll
my thoughts
and feelings
through and between
incisive word-forks
and never give up
before having them
all over me
leaving adamant stains.
Strangely, this always leaves
me hungry
for more


mouli said...

Baiyya, Aapka kavitha behath khoob he , Bhaat ye yehki yeh angresi mujhe dhoda kadbad he , isile yeh mujhe poorey kavitha samaj me nahi aarahi yeh , chodiye, maine aapko bhi naahi samaj paana hai, phir aapko kavitha ko kaise samaj paavunga?

meena gopal said...

hi aniruddh, just in between all the emails, i thought i would walk over to your blog and look you up. this is just to say that your verse is wonderful, and while i must retreat to other things now, i promise to come again and look at the others. meena, from the delhi meetings and dances

Kamal said...

This is wonderful! What an interesting comparison! :-)

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