Sunday, April 27, 2008


Under crumpled sheets, he said,
“You are complete. A complete person.”
Not the kind of thing I have heard
Under crumpled sheets,
Incompletely dressed.
He thinks, therefore I am,
I guess.
I should thank him next time,
Under crumpled sheets, preferably,
For thus completing me.


suns said...

and then .. the link towards the right says ... "View my Complete Profile"

... the 'view', from under the crumpled sheets, or standing out in broad daylight; the view, shall always be complete, and in no way, shape or manner could a web screen carry a view of what completeness really is. Indeed it is a Profile, it says, but even so, it could never be complete....

that, to know, must be experienced.

that experience, completes.

how to name it said...

Suns! Very beautiful...whoever you are! ;)

suns said...

how many Suns have you come across under crumpled sheets !!!

Nishil Nair said...

your posts are very very intense as opposed to my ramblings.

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